The Saugerties Veterans Database  

         To use the Database, First go to the bottom of the chart on this page & click on the war/ conflict in which the Saugerties Veterans that you want to research took part. As we have only just begun to build the databases they are very far from completion. Presently the Revolutionary war, War of 1812 & WW One are estimated to have 90% of the Veteran's names listed while WW Two  is likely only in the 80% range. All the other more recent wars, while I have listed a few names in each of them, I do not have any idea as what to expect as to a final complete number. I am sure it will be much higher than I had originally expected.  It seems that the Town has much to be proud of with it's contributions to our Country's military. The compiling of data has begun but new names will continue to be found & listed as they still are with the Civil war database.
   This database will, like the Civil War Database,  develop & grow over time until it is completed. To research the Civil war, please go to our sister web site............... "Our Civil war Veterans" & to the Saugerties Civil war database on this site.    

The totals of Saugerties Veterans now listed  

The numbers of Veterans shown here reflect only those that have actually been entered into the data base. Most, if not all, of these numbers are expected to grow as we build, some by a considerable amount. If you do not see someone you feel should be listed in the data base, please let me know by e-mail at..........

Include as much information as you know about them. We will then research them & enter then as soon as we can. We will be adding names & information on a continuing basis & there is no reason why we could not add your person next.

We have also attempted to list anyone that served in more then one war or conflict to list then in each. The list does end up showing a higher number of veterans than there actual are but not by so much, as it does not happen that often.

We do err on the side of a veteran being listed if there is some question that they actually served, normally making a note of it in the data base until it is proven one way or the other.

There also is cases of a veteran being listed multiple times in one conflict or war if that person served in different commands & there is a possibility of there actually being a different person. There are quite a few such cases in the Rev. war at the moment.

The design of the data base for the wars including and following the Korean & Vietnam have been modified to show the veteran's service but at the same time preserving their privacy. The intent is to honor their service.